Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mushroom Tutorial

How to... make mushrooms out of drawer pulls

You will need,

Wooden drawer pulls, mushroom shaped


White paint

Red paint


You could also play around with different colors, but I’m using red and white.

First paint the ‘stems,’ the sides of the knob, white. I did two coats, but you can judge based on how thick you paint. Set aside until dry.

When dry, paint the tops red. I do this by painting a line along the edge right next to the white.

Fill inside the line with more red paint. Then wait for it to dry again…

Next paint the white dots on top. I usually do them in concentric circles with one dot in the middle. This works for all sizes and looks relatively natural.

And more waiting. They’re done! Great for decoration in potted plants or faerie houses!

There are endless possibilities as far as color combinations, sizes, and uses. Have fun!!

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