Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Woodchuck Love

Last Saturday, Aline and I set up a table on her back porch and decorated matchboxes for a few hours. It was a beautiful spring day (even though it snowed! two days later), one of the first. Behind her apartment is a huge empty lot that's covered with kudzu, and within the kudzu lives a woodchuck (rather cute for a rodent). Aline's fiance, Edmund, named him Woodrow Charles (get it? Wood Chuck) last fall. Woodrow went to sleep for the winter and now he's back with a "friend." Reminds me of Captain and Tennille's "Muskrat Suzie, Muskrat Sam" But I digress. The point is the matchboxes. Lots of new ones: Birthday, Wedding, Thank you, Best Friends, Graduation, Love, Baby, Mother's Day... Be sure to check out our etsy site. Choose your occasion and let us select the box. $5 for one; $12 for three.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome. The Green Griffin is live.

Okay. Here goes. Aline and I are jumping in with all four feet, intending to make a real and profitable business out of this. Follow along and help us out and don't forget to check out our etsy site.

For starters, I held my first altered sweater workshop about two weeks ago. It was lots of fun and very productive. Aline was in New York (it was spring break), so I had to go it alone.

Laura (who's due any day now) made these awesome baby pants from two sweater sleeves. Check out Leigh's purse. Of course, she's pretty talented. Just give her materials and watch her go. That's Leigh in the third pic. Cleta made a scarf for her granddaughter Evie (very cute and girlie). Beth made a square purse. Mary Jean made a ragamuffin from a design by crispina ffrench (full instructions in her book "Sweater Chop Shop"). Everyone made potholders. And everyone made a donation to Relay for Life.

Our next workshop will be Sunday, April 11, from 1-5 pm in Dacula, GA. Email us if you'd like more information.