Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Second Faerie Miniature Contest Piece!

So I am about to turn in my second faerie miniature contest piece ever!  you might remember the library faerie that lived inside the book was the first one.  This contest is being done by my local (an hour away) dollhouse miniature store, Miniature Designs.  The theme is Christmas in July and we were given a 6x6 base and a tree to make whatever we wanted out of.  Here's a link to the actual contest.
And heres some pictures of my entry, I did a harvest festival including the tree.

Personally, I love the greenman face on the tree.  I tried to figure out a way for it to be the tree topper, but i like this better.


  1. Very cute. I love the pumpkins on the peice. Very ncely done. :)

    purple24 at Swat-Bot for the "Follow that Art Blog" swap

  2. I'm finally able to post a comment here, I couldn't wait to tell you that your little creations are just precious!
    It's so sweet also the fact you're mom and daughter...

    Fede from Swap-bot