Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mini Suitcase Swap

So, my first swap from Swap-bot is for a matchbox...that's really all the requirements. So I made a faery suitcase for my fellow faery loving partner.

I just covered a matchbox with leather and glued the straps on top. The old fashioned customs stickers are printed out from the computer.

Inside I put the faery's favorite things, a tiny faery house out of sculpy, some ribbon and stickers, faery charms, a mini candle, bell and tea cup, and a mini passport. I also made a little shirt from wool I had laying around (thanks mom). The shirt was inspired by Salley Mavor and her book Wee Felt Folk.

I also wrote a letter form the 'Faery Adoption Agency' and printed it on nice paper, I couldn't get a good picture though.

I hope my swap partner likes it, I had loads of fun making it and my mind is already forming new matchboxes to add to my etsy line...



  1. That's adorable! Like, ridiculously adorable! I'd never understood the allure of the matchbox swap until now. Great job.

    Oh, and the name was Nandita (the letters are pretty much in order).

  2. So cute !!! I am sure your partner will be delighted.
    Lulubiz from swap-bot